Department of Biochemistry

  • Dr. J.A. Sindhu Rani ,Associate Professor and Head (M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph.D) More..
  • Dr. Anila L ,Assistant Professor (M.Sc, M Phil, Ph.D) More..

Department of Botany

  • Dr. Manoj G S ,Assistant Professor (MSc,BEd, MPhil, Phd) More..
  • Ms Geetha R Nair ,Assistant Professor and Head (M.Sc, M Phil, Bed) More..
  • Dr. Sivu. A. R. ,Assistant Professor (MSc, BEd, PhD.) More..

Department of Chemistry

  • Dr. ATHIRA C J ,Assistant Professor and HOD (MSc. BEd. PhD) More..
  • Dr.S SUPRABHA ,Assistant Professor (MSc. PhD BEd) More..

Department of Commerce

  • Dr. Ambika Devi R. ,Associate Professor and Head (M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D) More..
  • Dr. Dileep A.S. ,Assistant Professor (M. Com, M.Phil, Ph.D) More..
  • Mr. RATHEESH R J ,Assistant Professor (MCom MBA BEd) More..
  • Ms SARITHA G S ,Assistant Professor (MCom BEd. NET) More..
  • Mr. MANEESH S ,Assistant Professor (MCom MEd. NET) More..
  • Mr. ANEESH A S ,Assistant Professor (M Com, NET) More..
  • Ms VIDHU M L ,Assistant Professor (MCom MEd. NET) More..
  • Adv. LEKSHMI M ,Part time LAW Lecturer (LLB, LLM, MBL) More..

Department of Economics

  • Dr. Maneesh ,Assistant Professor and Head (MA, B.Ed, DACA, Ph.D) More..
  • Dr. LINI G R ,Assistant Professor (MA BEd. PhD) More..
  • Mr. BINU KUMAR B J ,Assistant Professor (MA Economics, MA Philosophy, MA Sociology, MEd. NET (Economics) NET (Education)) More..

Department of English

  • Mrs. Vani Jyothi ,Assistant Professor and Head (MA) More..
  • Ms. INDU B C ,Assistant Professor (MA ,BEd, NET, SET) More..
  • Ms. LAKSHMI B ,Assistant Professor (MA, MPhil, NET) More..
  • Mr. JAYAKRISHNAN R ,Assistant Professor (MA , NET) More..
  • Ms GAYATRI DEVI PILLAI ,Assistant Professor (MA , NET) More..
  • Ms SIMI THULASEEDHARAN ,Assistant Professor (MA) More..
  • Ms SEEMA RAJAN ,Assistant Professor (MA) More..

Department of Hindi

  • Dr. Sreeja ,Assistant Professor and Head (M.A., PhD) More..

Department of History

  • Dr. C.G. Rajasekharan Nair ,Assistant Professor and Head (MA, Ph.D) More..
  • Mr. AJAYAKUMAR S ,Assistant Professor (MA MPhil BEd. NET) More..

Department of Malayalam

  • Dr. S. Muraleedharan Nair ,Associate Professor and Head (M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D) More..
  • Dr. LALU S KURUP ,Assistant Professor (MA ,BEd, MPhil, PhD) More..
  • Dr. Sreeja Sankar ,Assistant Professor (MA BEd. NET PhD) More..
  • Dr. Rani V L ,Assistant Professor (MA BEd. MPhil, PhD) More..
  • Dr. DEEPU P ,Assistant Professor (MA, BEd. MPhil, PhD, SRF) More..
  • Dr. Resmi R ,Assistant Professor (MA BEd. NET PhD) More..
  • Dr. Asha R I ,Assistant Professor (MA BEd. NET PhD) More..
  • Dr. Sangeetha S L ,Assistant Professor (MA, MPhil,PhD SRF) More..

Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. S Beena ,Associate Professor and Head (M. Sc, M Phil, Ph.D) More..

Department of Physical Education

  • Dr. Anilkumar ,Associate Professor and Head (MPES) More..
  • Dr Bini. A ,Assistant Professor (MP Ed, M Phil, PhD) More..

Department of Physics

  • Ms. Rani K. Pillai ,Assistant Professor and HOD (M.Sc MPhil BEd NET) More..
  • Mr.Syam Kumar S U ,Assistant Professor (M.Sc, M Phil BEd. NET) More..
  • Ms. DEVU V S ,Assistant Professor (MSc. BEd. NET) More..
  • Ms. DHANYA K S ,Assistant Professor (MSc. NET) More..
  • Dr. Meenu S ,Assistant Professor (M Sc, MPhil, PhD) More..

Department of Politics

  • Dr. Rajeevan R. ,Associate Professor (M.A. M.Phil. Ph.D M.A. (Public Administrator)) More..

Department of Sanskrit

Department of Zoology

  • Dr. ASHA V G ,Assistant Professor and Head (MSc. BEd. PhD NET) More..
  • Dr. SREERAG R S ,Assistant Professor (MSc. BEd. MPhil PhD) More..


  • Mr. KUMAR K G S ,Junior Superintendent (Junior Superintendent) More..
  • Mr. P RADHAKRISHNAN UNNITHAN ,Head Accountant (Head Accountan) More..
  • Mr. UNNIKRISHNA PILLAI E G ,Senior Clerk (Senior Clerk) More..
  • Ms. Baby Sudha ,Senior Clerk (Senior Clerk) More..
  • Mr. BENU KUMAR K ,Clerk Hr. Gr. (Clerk Hr. Gr.) More..
  • Mr. K N Rajesh kumar ,Clerk Hr. Gr. (Clerk Hr. Gr.) More..
  • Ms. GEETHA KUMARI K ,LD Typist Hr. Gr. (LD Typist Hr. Gr.) More..
  • Mr. SATHEESH KUMAR K G ,Lab Asst. (Lab Asst.) More..
  • Mr. UDAYA KUMAR C ,Lab Asst. (Lab Asst.) More..