Other Activities

Library and Reading Room

The college library came into existence at the time of the establishment of the Institution. In 2009, the library got shifted to the new library block building and started functioning as a centralized library in an automated environment. The library at present is one of the best of its kind in colleges affiliated to Kerala University, suitable for a first grade Institution with a collection of above 46 thousand volumes of documents comprising of Books, CD-ROMs, Journal archives, Maps, Atlas, Glob, etc. The library provides its service to the Research Scholars of the Research Centre, Uty. of Kerala .
The library has mainly three sections viz, Stack section, Reference Section and Periodical Section. In the Stack Room books are arranged according to the subject catalogue. Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme has been used for subject classification. The books in the Reference section are allowed for reference during working hours of the library. In the Periodical section there are almost all current news papers and the library subscribes to 25 periodicals and other supplements at present. Members are permitted to use this section all throughout the working hours.
All the students, faculty and staff are members of the library.
Services and Facilities

  • Library service is available from 9 am. to 4 pm. on all working days.
  • Open Access System for book searching.
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility.
  • Question Banks of previous examinations.
  • Internet (Will be installed soon)
  • Reprography (Proposed)

Rules and Regulations
Books are issued to the students as per the following schedule;
Classes Days
I DC : Monday & Friday
II DC : Tueesday & Thursday
III DC : Wednesday & Friday
PG : Monday, Wednesday & Friday

  • I DC, II DC and III DC students can take 1, 2 and 3 books respectively at a time and PG students are permitted to borrow a maximum of 5 books at a time.
  • A student, who requires a book from , should fill up the requisition slip and give it to the library staff along with the borrower’s ticket. The borrower’s ticket will be returned only on the return of the book.
  • Books are issued for a period of 14 days.
  • Students must examine the books on receiving them and report to the librarian the damage, if any. The transfer or sub-lending of books is strictly prohibited.
  • Failure to return the books on/before the due date entails a fine of One Rupee per day for each book.
  • If a book is found damage/spoiled or lost, has to pay for its coasts as per the existing rule or to replace a new copy of the same book.
  • Strict silence must be observed in the library.
  • Use of Mobile Phone strictly prohibited.
  • Any book may be recalled at any time even if the period of loan has not expired.

Reading Room

  • Students should surrender their College ID card to enter the reading room.
  • Students should keep their belongings (Books, Bags, Umbrella, etc.) outside the reading room.
  • Students must record the details of reading materials in the periodical issue register that they wish to read.
  • News papers/Periodicals shall not be taken out of the library/reading room.
  • Loud reading or talking in the reading room is strictly forbidden.
  • Any loss or damage occurred in the reading room, will have to be paid by the persons responsible for it.
  • Readers shall vacate their seats five minutes before the closing time.

College Council

The administration of the college is vested with the Principal subject to the general direction and control of the N.S.S. Colleges’ Central Committee. College Council is a statutory body to advice and to assist the Principal in all academic and administrative matters. The College council consists of Heads of the Department and three elected representatives, from among the teaching staff. Principal is the Chairman of the council. A secretary is elected from among the members, and the term shall be one year. The Council secretary issues notices of council meetings in consultation with the Principal. The secretary prepares and keeps the proceedings of the meetings. Two days’ prior notice is given for usual meetings and urgent meetings are convened at short notice.
Prof. K.S.Geetha (Secretary, College Council)
Elected Members of the College Council
Prof. Dr. V.C.S. Kumar,
Prof. Dr. Vijayan Pillai
Dr. A.S. Dileep.

NAAC Committee

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an autonomous body established by the University Grants Commission to assess and accredit institutions of higher education in the country. It is an outcome of the recommendations of the National policy of Education (1986) that lays special emphasis on upholding the quality of higher education in India. A Committee, which consists of seven executive Members and all the Heads of the departments as Ex-officio members, is functioning in our college NAAC Committee.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) monitors the quality parameters in the College and ensures that the standards of excellence reflected in the vision and mission of the college are met. We have formed the pre accreditation IQAC for quality enhancement and quality initiative.

  • Development and application of quality parameters for the academic activities of the college.
  • Dissemination of information on the various quality parameters of higher education.
  • Monitoring workshops, seminars etc on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles.
  • Documentation of the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement.
  • Preparation of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)

Discipline Committee

Discipline committee is constituted with the task of ensuring a peaceful campus congenial for efficient academic activities. Any act of commission or omission on the part of the students which threaten the peaceful academic atmosphere of the campus will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary actions be recommended to the college council for action.

Examinations Committee

Principal as the Chief Superintendent and three nominated faculty members supervise the procedures of both University and continuous evaluation (CE).
The examination committee is in charge of the conduct of university internal exams for PG program and internal semester examinations of the college for undergraduate classes. The committee functions in unison with the academic committee.

Research Committee

Research Committee functioning in the college previews the projects which are to be submitted to various funding agencies and also monitors progress of ongoing projects. This committee identifies action research and maintains course work for the research scholars of the college. Periodical reviews of research conducted in the Departments are the routine work of the committee.

Purchase Committee

The Principal and the committee members are committed to rendering prompt, reliable and consistent monitoring and service pertaining to Finance and Accounts of the college for quality improvement, while abiding by statutory and regulatory requirements. The committee is a catalyst in enhancing the education process. The committee shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to all purchases of the college. The powers and duties of the committee and the procedure for its meetings shall be such as may be prescribed.

UGC Cell

A five-member committee is functioning in the college to supervise proper utilization of the UGC fund allotted to the college. The cell helps the Principal’s office in planning and to prepare the budget to be submitted to the UGC for the plan period in accordance with the requirements of the college.

Library Committee

Library committee functions to promote effective and interactive access and use of information resources. It prepares clearly worded rules and guidelines with regard to hours of access, circulation policies and other regulations to offer better services to the users. This committee is vested with the responsibility of recommending, selecting and purchasing books for the library. The committee also puts forward its recommendations regarding the improvement of infrastructure and the efficiency of library functioning.

Grievances Redress Cell

The committee is responsible to see to and settle any type of grievances of the students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the college. The students are to lodge their grievances to their respective tutors, and they in turn intimate the matter to the committee for necessary action. Students are not encouraged to petition the Principal, initially. They have to avail of the opportunity provided by the grievance redress cell and then the Principal, if the grievances are not redressed timely.

Anti Ragging Cell

The Cell is constituted in accordance with the directive of the Government. It will look into the complaints of any kind of ragging in the campus: any physical or mental torture or any disorderly conduct towards any student of this institution causing apprehension, dread, humiliation or agitation in him or her. The college is particularly firm on taking actions against the offenders, as per the provisions contained in the Anti Ragging Act of Kerala.

Dr. Rajeev R
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E-Mail : rajeevanr2013@gmail.com

Cell to Combat Sexual Harassment

The Cell functions as per the guidelines issued by the University of Kerala, as the women’s citadel protecting lady students from atrocities and helping them in hours of need. Any type of sexual harassment physical, verbal or mental shall come under the purview of the cell, and it is empowered to initiate legal actions against such offences.

Ethics Committee

The right kind of education is value based or ethics based. Ethics committee is constituted to implant basic human values in students and thus make them kind and compassionate to the community around. The committee makes sure that the banned arts forms, such as cinematic dance, fashion parade etc. are not performed in the campus.

Mobile Squad

Against the Use of Mobile Phones in the Campus
In accordance with the instruction from the University, a Mobile squad has been formed in the college for curbing the use of mobile phones in the campus. It is with a purpose to stop the developing cyber crimes in our society. It is the obligation of our students to create awareness among people about cyber crimes and in the misuse of mobile phones.

Student Affairs Committee

The purpose of the Student Affairs Committee is to provide policy guidance to promote a safe and intellectually stimulating learning environment that encourages academic success, personal development, and student satisfaction.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee monitors the academic performance of the college and places suggestions before the College Council for promoting the academic excellence of the students.

Planning Forum

The United Nations General Assembly had proclaimed 2005 -14 as the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) ‘emphasizing that education is an indispensable element for achieving sustainable development’. With this objective in mind, Planning Forum had associated with the Panchayats in various approaches towards ESD like encouraging people to understand the essence of sustainability and to engage them in negotiating a sustainable future.

Attendance Monitoring Committee

The Attendance Monitoring Committee ensures discipline in terms of punctuality. The Committee ensures that students come to the college on time and should not leave the campus without permission from the concerned Departments. In each class, attendance is taken in every lecture and absentees are marked. Absence in a single hour will be treated as half day absence.

Students ‘Aid Fund

A committee consisted of the Principal, two Department Heads, two teachers and two students (one of whom shall be a woman nominated by the College Council) invested with the duty of utilizing this fund for the benefit of the students.

Career Guidance & Placement Cell

A UGC sponsored programme for Empowerment of students for employment is functioning in our college. The cell is monitored by the Dept.of History. Twining programmes and institutional and industrial tie up are confirmed by the cell. The cell facilitates placement for final year students in various private sector undertakings.

Adult Education Programme

The adult education programme sponsored by the UGC has been functioning admirably at the college for years. Now the college has started a continuing education and extension centre under the University of Kerala. The center is responsible for supervising recognized and approved online courses for the students

Human Rights Education Programme

A UGC sponsored programme for the promotion of Ethics and Human values is functioning in our college.

Women’s Forum

Women’s Study Unit affiliated to the Centre for Women’s Studies, University of Kerala goes ahead with its efforts to change the present social attitude to women’s roles and rights. It also emphasizes the need to develop women’s full potential for national development.

Counseling Committee

The Counseling Center provides counseling and psychotherapy to our students on a voluntary and confidential basis. The committee helps the students cope with dilemmas in their personal development or with painful events in their lives. There are many issues that the students can take up with the committee: adjusting to college, personal or emotional concerns, persistent difficulties in studying, bothersome moods, relationship problems, family problems, or simply a wish to know more about oneself. It is the work of the committee to facilitate invited lectures and scheduled counseling by eminent psychologist from across the country.

Sports and Games

The sports and games are organized at the college under the guidance of the Dept, of Physical Education. The faculty of Physical Education helps the students practice different kinds of games and events in sports, making them competent to take part in tournaments at the intercollegiate, district and state levels. The students are trained in such a way as to develop a genuine interest in games and sports, which will be naturally bloomed into brilliant feasts. The activities also aim at inculcating in the youth team spirit and sportsmanship which will help them stand in good stead in their future careers.

Parent Teacher Association

The PTA of the college is strong and active providing all possible support for the promotion of academic activity. It facilitates contact between the parents and the teachers and is an effective forum to better the academic atmosphere and execute developmental programmes. It has also instituted cash award for the students of this college scoring, the highest marks in degree courses in the University examinations. The PTA also gives awards to the top scorers in degree courses in the model examination.

Alumni Association

An Alumni Association which forms a liaison between the college and the former students came into being on the 26th January 1994. The Association recognizes the great potential of the cultural unity of the old students for promoting an all-round growth and development of the college.

Nature Club

PRAKRUTHY, the nature club of our college is affiliated to the Nature club of India. The major objective of the club is to create an awareness of the need for bio-diversity conservation among the students, local people and school children. The members of the club meet twice a month to discuss the relevant topics. The recent initiative of the club is to keep the campus free from plastic. Film shows connected with environmental issue are included as part of the club function.

Environment Club

The environment club of the college is named ‘Bhuvanam’. The objective of the club is to develop an interest in students for waste management and gardening. It aims at creating an awareness and interest in the students to their environment. The club encourages the students in planting saplings, seed cultivation (Seedlings), etc. It also aims an eco-friendly bio fertilizer waste management project. Combined activity of waste management and cultivation is to keep the campus ‘Clean and Green’. The environment club motivates the students to practice what they preach about nature.

Forestry Club

The College has a Forestry Club affiliated to the Forest Department, Govt, of Kerala. The club aims at educating students in the discipline of forestry and to develop love for the forest. The club activities create awareness about the methods of preserving forest, maintain biodiversity and afforestation.

Science Club

A science club, WISDOM, is functioning in our college. The motto of the club: ‘science for future mankind’. The club under takes programmes like quiz, essay writing, debates etc on topics related to science and its modern developments.

Film Club

A Film Club which fosters a keen sense of appreciation of the modern art films and an awareness of the ongoing serious ventures in the film world has brought in a new receptivity in students.

Tourism Club

The Tourism Club of the college which is affiliated to the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala functions well at the college to create an awareness of the socio-economic relevance of tourism for the development of the state. It tries to impress on the younger generation the importance and relevance of tourism in their career thereby generating a positive attitude towards tourism. It also makes them participate in the developmental activities of tourism.

Debate Club

The purpose of the Debate Club shall be to create educational opportunities for all students on campus, to provide a vehicle for students interested in politics, social change, and community organization to discuss relevant topics and ideas, to engage students in activities beneficial to their personal and professional development, and to increase the visibility of issues throughout the campus and community


A literary Club named CHAT (Cosy Home of Art and Talk) functions at the college with a view to developing the inherent talents in students and teachers. Exposing the members to the world of imagination the club provides a good grounding in various literary and social topics of current interest.

Health Club & Gym

Health Club organizes lectures, seminars and film shows to make the students aware of the fact that ‘Health is Wealth’.

Arts Club

Arts Club has been formed to foster the cultural and literary talents of the students. The College provides opportunities to develop budding talents in different forms of art. In addition to the activities of the Fine Arts club, students are encouraged to take part in competitions held outside the campus. Our students participate in Inter-collegiate competitions which help them in increasing understanding and co-operation. Cultural activities also form an integral part of the Campus.

Media Club

A group of students interested in Media and entertainment industry are members of this club. The club intends to increase awareness about media and entertainment arenas through education, and showcasing the creative talent and artistic diversity of our students. The club will function as a platform for young leaders who possess creativity and business acumen. Regular information sessions and annual workshop are part of the activity of the club. This year, there will be a media conclave in the campus, a forum for the best and committed media and entertainment leaders of the industry.

Blood Donors’ Forum

The Blood Donor Club keeps a list of healthy students belonging to different blood groups who are willing to donate blood. In accordance with the requirement, the club arranges students to donate blood

Community Health Activities Club

The club is a one of the major social service components of the extension services of the college. It is working as a branch of the national service programmes of the college. Mostly the club concentrates on health care activities, such as conducting awareness campaigns and in conducting medical camps for the public.

College Union

All the Co curricular activities of the college are organized and conducted by the college union. The election and activities of the college union will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University.


  • A student Manuscript Magazine is published by the Department of History. The club called Harmony is assigned the work of publishing the manuscript journal called Heritage
  • A mini Magazine, titled Imprint, comprising of the research and project abstracts of the students of English Department is published annually for in-house circulation
  • The Department of Zoology under the guidance of Shri Vattavila Vijayakumar maintains a manuscript magazine for the students of the Zoology Department. Chirath and Niharam are some of the recent manuscript magazines of the Department.
  • The Department of Botany publishes a monthly science newsletter ‘Evergreen’. With the initiative of the staff members students of the Department prepares a manuscript magazine, and separate names were given for this magazine every year. Department keeps a wall magazine ‘Tharangam’ on which students can keep news on scientific innovations. Department subscribes two popular science journals for students (Current Science & Science Reporter).


CARE (Charity, Adopting, Responsibility and Empathy) is a charitable organization functioning in our college. It emerged from the idea: “helping hand towards a stretching hand”. The aim of CARE is to collect donations from the kind and generous and hand over to those who need financial assistance for treating their ailments. We believe in the saying: “little drops make the mighty ocean” and that is our strength. Every month Rs. 4300/-, collected for the purpose from staff members is utilized for this charity work. An amount of Rs 50,000 is utilised annually for this charity work within the college. Dr. Vattavila Vijayakumar, is in charge of CARE.

College Co- operative Store

All kinds of course books, textbooks, reference texts, note books, lab requirements, project-preparation- materials, food items, and other stationery items are supplied to the students at reduced price through the Co-operative store.

College Canteen

There is the college canteen within the campus running on a contract basis. Don meals and other refreshments are served in the canteen on all working days. The canteen is acclaimed for its homely food. Sri Velappan Nair is managing the canteen on contract basis.

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